If your looking for an idea, something unique or just need a direction for your paint-scheme we can take this on. We have multiple designers with years of experience to work on multiple ideas and tweaks to create something that no one has ever seen. We design and create the industry's best work because of a PATENT-PENDING mapping system that allows us to be able to form paint or wraps around any compound surface.

We can also assist in any presentation, gift or company needs for taking any design work from brochures to custom created high-end plexi displays for wall displays.

From simple stencils to complex, compound curved paint-mask needs we can produce it to match any specification you might have. We have years of experience working with materials to help fit your needs to your specified paint choice. Or you can specify the required material for us to produce the mask.

We stock multiple materials at all times with several choices of transfer film. So no matter what you need is we will have the correct fit for it.


We offer a modern version of screen-printing called direct-printing. We can take any part, any shape, with almost perfect registration and produce lettering down to 6pt. size for any placard work. We can guarantee our work with fast turnaround and high-quality work. All work can be produced with full-color, white and a clear gloss coat if needed. We can produce any color to match the FED-STD-595 color specifications and most of all pantone colors. We offer color matching if you can provide a sample.

At our main plant we offer any and all printing needs from Offset-Lithography, Eco-Solvent, Digital-Laser to any bindery needs, die-cutting, mounting, laminating and much more.


From the basics of registration to a custom logo that represents you, your company or an updated family crest. We can create a logo or logos for anything you may need. Based on the needs we can do research based on the specific look, theme or whatever your requirements to produce something that you will be thrilled about.

We produce custom vector logos that can be used for a business card to a full sized paint-mask for any part of a jet. You can also use the logo for any interior needs.

For any hatches, lights, air-pass ways that have to be sealed on the outside or inside we create a PATENT-PENDING custom cut removable seal-mask that allows you to spray on the sealant without having to manually tape and back-tape the area for protection from the sealant. Out application allows you to place the seal-mask on and within seconds put on the sealant and remove the mask within minutes of starting. This is the fastest, simplest and most accurate method available for any sealants that need to be applied. On average this has been proven to save 15-45 minutes for any area that regularly has to be sealed.

The seal-mask is made directly from your provided CAD drawing or tracing. We also do offer our preexisting seal-masks. Each one can be customized on the amount of sealant you require.

We offer full service installation for anything we produce. We provide professionall on-site installs, and will work closely with any paint facility you choose to help create a seamless transition from your vision to the final product.